Bambas Story
Unique method of painting on leather
After its establishment in the early 1990s, as a family-run company, Bambas dedicated all its time and resources to the development of a unique method of carving and painting on leather which is currently applied on all products found on our website. While having its origins and main creative and manufacturing centre in the Budweis region, Czech Republic, Bambas' artists use components such as the finest Italian calfskin and metal fittings from Japan.
Six months of vigorous training
The main focus of Bambas is on delivering exceptional feeling to all users of Bambas products such as handbags, wallets, glasses-cases, briefcases, cosmetic bags, file covers or manicure sets. All Bambas products are made using a patent-protected method of applying colour pigments to the leather by hand of prominent skilled artists. Our manufacturing methods are very complex, therefore it takes minimum six months to train the most skilled artists to create our products.
Customise your own Bambas products
The underlying idea in our philosophy is that today’s luxury should not be based on owning astronomically expensive goods, but on having original items that reflect and complement the personality of their owner. With the possibility of applying various designs (currently over five thousand motifs have been created by Bambas artists and new ones are being developed on a regular basis) on any Bambas product, you are free to choose your ideal Bambas product. To bring you the best touch of exclusivity, all Bambas products are made of the most sought after calfskin which, together with the use of some of the best metal fittings, guarantees the highest quality of the final product.